Datafeed to Database Uploader

Datafeeds (aka product catalogs, data-feeds, csv feeds) would be one of the most interesting inventions on the web because whoever made them, didn't get enough time to design a platform to upload them to a database with ease. Or at least, not many people are aware of this platform which is why only a small population is taking advantage of it's capabilities.

What is a datafeed?

A Datafeed is a file that contains information about several products offered by a company. A datafeed contains various fields that contain information about the products. For example, a store that sells computers may have a feed that contains information about each computer like -

            - Product Name
            - Product Description
            - Model Number
            - SKU number
            - Price
            - Availability
            - Image URL
            - Purchase URL

This information can be used by resellers, or affiliates to sell these products on their respective websites so the end user gets the same look and feel as if they were buying from the reseller's website and give them credit for the sales as well.

Datafeeds are common in Affiliate Marketing as Merchants offer datafeeds for their products to affiliates, who help merchants promote their products for a commission for every sale. Commission Junctin, Linkshare, Amazon, etc are some networks that widely support datafeeds (csv, tab, pipe, etc).

What does a datafeed file look like?

Technically a datafeed is text file with several fields, seperated with a pre defined seperator (usually a comma, or a tab, or a pipe |). Common datafeed extentions are .txt, .csv, etc.

A datafeed can be referred to as a web friendly version of a spreadsheet that can be imported into a database for further use and ease of implementation. Just so you understand it better, here is a little example for you:

An Online Guitar store has all product info stored in an excel file as below-

excel version of a datafeed

So to provide this information to an online store the company decided to provide a CSV datafeed (CSV stands for Comma Seperated Values) which means all fields will be seperated by a comma. Here is how a datafeed.txt file looks like-

csv version of a datafeed

A script (like Datafeed to Database Uploader) can then read this file and add each product to your mysql database online. Once the feed has been imported into the database it can be used on any site to add these products dynamically. Some examples of datafeed driven sites are:


There are many languages that can be used to pull information from databases like PHP & ASP, which are already being used by many all social networks, most blogs, forums and content management systems. Here is a screenshot of how the above feed looks like in phpMyAdmin (a mysql db editor):

PHPMYADMIN View of DataFeed

Using simple queries these products can be retrieved from the database and displayed on a web page.

What do I need to get started?

Assuming that you already have the datafeed from your source, you now need a program that will read your datafeed and carefully insert it, row by row, into your mysql database. The good news is that you don't have to go anywhere to find that program as the Datafeed to Database Uploader does just that. Check out the video below to see how Datafeed to Database Uploader quickly and easily adds your datafeed to your MySQL database.

... I had been looking for such an evolved program since ages. I wish I had this tool when I started 3 years ago. I love it and it is well worth the price. - Fred

Hi Raakesh, I love this program and yes it does what it claims. I give credit to this program because of which I have become even more active with affiliate offers that involve datafeeds. - Rob

Datafeed to Database Uploader

Datafeed to Database Uploader is a program that you will upload to your website where you need to implement the datafeed and with a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to get your feed integrated into your MySQL database. It is that simple!

After you purchase your copy of this program you can use it to integrate as many datafeeds on as many websites (as long as they belong to you), as you wish. There are no restrictions on the number of feeds or sites you wish to use.

This program has helped me develop several websites using prouct catalogs and after 5 years of constant success with it, I decided to make it public. This is by far the simplest and probably the fastest program that integrates datafeeds into databases.

What am I buying?

It is very important for you, as well as for me, that you understand what you are buying here. You are buying a program (software) that will help you integrate your datafeeds into your MySQL databases. After you go through the checkout process below you will be guided to the thank you page, where you will get a link to download the program "Datafeed to Database Uploader". This program can run on multiple websites without you requiring to buy an additional license (However you can only use the program on your websites, and not distribute or sell the program). Once you download this program you can upload it to the website(s) where you want to use it, and then use it to integrate your datafeeds to your MySQL database.

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